2012 JCVI Internship Program Is Now Accepting New Applications

Wow! Another year has gone by.  Its hard to think it is November – almost December with the warm weather we have been enjoying.  However it did not start that way.

Halloween Snow in Maryland!

The 2012 JCVI Internship Program is open to accept spring and summer applications. The application process includes the submission of a resume, essay and transcripts as one PDF file via our online application site. We no longer require letters of recommendation.

Information about the 2012 program can be found at http://www.jcvi.org/cms/education/internship-program/

For summer 2011, we received 544 applicants.  Of these applicants, 30 Interns were selected (10 in San Diego and 20 in Rockville):

  • 7 high school students
  • 9 undergraduate students
  • 13 graduate students
  • 1 secondary teacher

The intern projects ranged across the Institute:

  • A lethal set of virulence factors in uropathogenic E. coli ?
  • Expanding genome transplantation: Streptococcus thermophilus
  • Random Assembly for Use in Swapping as a Tool for Genome Minimization
  • Assembling terminators and promoters
  • Developing Galaxy Tools for the Ordination Analysis of Meta-genomic samples

Good luck to all the applicants this year!

9 Responses to “2012 JCVI Internship Program Is Now Accepting New Applications”

  • Hi there, I just found out about this internship program. Are you still accepting new applications? Thank you.

    Kind regards,

  • We are no longer accepting 2012 summer internship applications. We have received over 500 applications again this year.

    Please keep us in mind for next year!

  • Hi
    What is the way in which selected candidates are notified if they are selected? Also, is
    April 1 the last date of notification or are the results declared on April 1

  • Hi there!

    I applied to the internship program for this summer.

    What is the expected date of notification of results?


  • Hi,
    I am a rising senior and I was interested in interning during the school year at JCVI for the fall/spring. The website says the deadline is August 31st to apply, but there is no application online currently. When will the application become available?

  • Hi,

    Same question as above. I want to do my internship starting in December and through the school year. When will the application form be available?


  • The 2012 Fall Application has been updated and is open our website.

  • I am a soon to be senior undergraduate student. I plan to apply for the fall/spring internship but I was wondering if I will be eligible to apply for the summer internship even though I will be graduated by that time? Thank you!

  • Hi,

    When will we be updated about the results for the 2012 Fall internship Application?


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