Italy- Sites and Sailing

Saturday July 31st

When I last wrote we had finished our 10 day  sampling window in Italian waters. On Wednesday July 21st we arrived in Rome the same day Dr. Venter, Heather Kowalski, and Darwin the super boat dog had flown in from the states.  We spent 3 days in Rome, most of the time was spent doing media events, restocking the boat with supplies and trying to see as much as Rome as possible in our spare time.  On the night of July 23rd we set sail to make our way down the coast of Italy, tonight we will do the overnight sail to Greece.  I wanted to post some pictures of some of the beautiful places we have seen as we sailed in Italy.

Darwin In His Favorite Resting Position

Saint Peter's Basilica, Vatican City

Laocoonte, Vatican City

Ponza Island

Coliseum, Rome

Water Spout

Vulcano Island

View Of Vulcano Island

Porto Santo Stefano At Night

Crater Of The Volcano in Vulcano Island

Capri Island

Vatican City, Rome

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