Italian Sampling Continues-Unique Animal in Italian Waters!

Wednesday July 14th

Monday July 12th we woke up early and left the anchorage in Capraia Island.  We arrived at Ischia island at 5:00 a.m. on Wednesday the 14th.  In those  48 hours we collected 6 samples.  Two samples were collected in the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea, two samples were collected over a seamount in the Tyrrhenian Sea and two other samples were collected at a long term research station in the Tyrrhenian Sea.  It was a pretty intense 48 hours of sampling.

Night Sampling

Deepest Profile Ever Collected on Sorcerer II

I have been on Sorcerer II since  2003 and I have seen a lot of things at sea, whales breaching, sharks swimming around, dolphins, flying rays, I even saw a shark eating a dead whale near Nantucket (nobody believes me, but I swear it happened!), but what we saw the other day 30 miles offshore wins the prize for the strangest thing I have ever seen at sea!  John spotted something in the water so we changed course to see what it was!

The Cow-Pig Ahead!

Cow-Pig Close Up

Another View Of The Cow-Pig

As we passed this giant dead animal, there were two things it could be, a cow or a pig!  People disagreed so that night we decided to just call it a cow-pig.  As pictures were downloaded of the famous cow-pig we all took a look at the tail and feet, we all agree now it is a big bloated pig, but feel free to let us know your thoughts!  Either way it was strange to see this so far from land!

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  • I vote pig.

    I once saw a floating, bloated cow carcass off Jost Van Dyke, being devoured by a huge Tiger shark. The shark attacked the belly and shook the whole thing violently.

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