Sorcerer II back at Sea!

June 13th 2010

After we collected and processed the sample from Blanes on May 26th we dropped off the collaborators on the dock, and  set sail for France.  After a overnight sail we reached our last Spanish sample site, it is in Spanish waters but monitored by French scientist. 

CTD Profile From Last Spanish Sample

Other than collecting our Spanish sample the main reason for the trip to France was to get some specialized boat work done in La Ciotat .  From May 28th-June 8th Sorcerer II was docked at Composite Works Construction and Super Yacht Refit for the rigging work.

Sorcerer II In The Yard, La Ciotat France

Our yard manager was Marion Gorman, some of you might know her better as Frenchie, she has done many passages on Sorcerer II over the years.  Although still in the yachting industry, she is taking a break from boat deliveries  and is focusing on delivering a baby (She is 8 months pregnant!)

Marion, Our Yard Manager

As always the crew took time to enjoy the local scenery, food and culture.

View of La Ciotat

We also celebrated Jeremy’s birthday!

Jeremy's Birthday in La Ciotat

 On June 8th we left France for Valencia Spain, with a stop on the Island of Mallorca  (we actually stopped in the city of Palma) for supplies. While in Spain we will prepare for the upcoming intense sampling season in the  Mediterranean/Black Seas, it will all be kicked off with a big media day event.

Sailing Past Mallorca Spain

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  • Check out Lipari, around the volcanos are nice diving and collecting spots.

  • Hey Martin, We did stop in Lipari and took samples in the area. Sad to say we had no time to dive! The next blog coming will be about our Italy samples. Thanks for the comment.

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