Return to Sorcerer II, The Mediterranean Season

Hello everyone! On May 2nd I flew from San Diego to rejoin Sorcerer II in Valencia Spain. Sorcerer II has been in Spain since our last sample in November, during that time her crew has been very busy upgrading systems and getting the rig certified. Sorcerer II is looking great and is ready for another successful sampling season.

Mast being removed

Sorcerer II being hauled out of the water

This summer we will be sampling the Mediterranean and Black Seas. We have established some strong collaborations with different Institutes and Universities around the Mediterranean.  While our exact schedule and ports of call haven’t been determined, we are confident that our 2010 GOS expedition in the Mediterranean and Black Seas will include very unique and interesting samples.  So please check the blog often as we plan on blogging and posting pictures on a regular basis.

Docked in Valencia

2 Responses to “Return to Sorcerer II, The Mediterranean Season”

  • Thanks Jeff. I’m going to enjoy this immensely — of course watching for the odd glimpse of Chas!! As soon as I have time, I want to check out the sidebars. /sh

  • Enjoyed the off line updates as well! Would love to join your guys for a bit. We’ll see. Just stay away from those Formula 1 cars. Pretty unstable once they get the nose up.

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